About Planet Earth & Beyond?

We are living through an age of unprecedented development and progress. Humanity is in a desperate scramble to halt climate change and save the planet from our Promethean apocalypse, leading to countless gargantuan advances in energy, transport, manufacturing and even geoengineering. A new space race is just starting, yet this time it promises to answer far more profound questions about the nature of existence and even help us explore and colonise celestial bodies. Even AI can now pass the Turing test, and it has only just gotten started. Over the next few decades, these forefronts of humanity will expand at rates that will boggle the mind. At Planet Earth & Beyond, we want to give you a front-row seat, helping you understand the technology, projects, research and politics that are driving these upcoming revolutions.

About Will Lockett

Will Lockett is an ex-engineer and independent journalist. He has worked for big-name publications like Big Think and worked with cutting-edge climate start-ups like Ocean Bird. His approach of explaining complex, state-of-the-art technology simply and combining this with great storytelling helped him rise to prominence on Medium.com, where his profile become one of the fastest growing on the platform, with over 350,000 reads per month and far north of 100,000 followers. Planet Earth & Beyond is Will’s next phase, where you can get early access, extra content and even guest writers.

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At Planet Earth & Beyond, we cover the cutting-edge technology and politics that will save humanity from itself & take us into the future.


A Climate & Politics Journalist who is pissed off that the world is burning, corrupt and broken, yet no one in power seems to care.